Zeit.co - Best free hosting for your Javascript apps/website

Are you looking to host your shiny new react app for free? Or may be you need server side rendering with Next.js / Gatsby. Anyways if you are looking for web hosting for your javascript apps Zeit.co is the best platform and moreover it is free, even you can add domain to your hosting for free. You also get Auto deployment feature with your git repo. Just push to deploy.

With detailed documentation and guides you can easily get started with their platform. I have been using it for all my recent websites and also this current website is hosted on Zeit.co platform. For this website I have used next.js along with wordpress for CMS. I am using wordpress as headless CMS and next.js on now.sh hosting as it supports serverside rendering out of the box. Will post detailed tutorial on how to use wordpress as headless CMS along with next.js frontend on now.sh platform later. Till then keep in touch.